TEDxOgikubo 2023 Speaker : Takahisa Taniguchi

環境活動家 谷口 たかひさ
Takahisa Taniguchi,Environmental Activist


Started business when I was 18 to earn money to studay abroad in England.After working for establishing school in Guinea,and working as a director of a global IT company,I moved to Germany to start a business.I realised how serious climate crisis is, and determined to be an environmental activist.

I have been called for giving lectures more than 1000 times in 2 years,was jury in SDGs award given by German Chamber of Commerce and Industry,moderator in UNGA 2021.I visted about 60 countries and own about 40 certificates including government ones.


Some people cab be indifferent, but nobody can be irrelevant to climate crisis.

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