TEDxOgikubo 2021 Speaker:Steven Haynes

Steven Haynes

Steven Haynes was born in San Francisco, and is now a multi-talented entertainer, producer, author, and charisma in Japan. Steven has worked with top artists, appeared in multiple media, coached countless numbers of ladies in deportment, and trained company managers in etiquette. Steven understands the importance of personal presentation and social skills. 

Last year, a film for which Steven was an executive producer won awards in five countries. This year, Steven is also organizing the Today’s Woman Plus size Beauty Contest, the first floralsize contest in Japan. At TEDx Ogikubo, Steven will inspire with a presentation on his secrets for Making a Better World, by beginning at home, with yourself.



昨年は、エクゼクティブプロデューサーをつとめた映画が5か国で受賞。また今年Today’s Woman Plus size Beauty Contestという日本初のフロラスサイズコンサートを企画開催する。 
自分やその他の物事に対してしっかりと意見を持ち、周囲とよい形でシェアする事は大切であり、”Making a Better World”への秘訣だ、という事を、スティーブン自身がTEDxOgikuboにてスピーチしてくれる。

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