TEDxOgikubo 2021 Speaker:Marika Shimizu

渋谷教育学園渋谷中学校 清水 麻莉花
Marika Shimizu, Student of Shibuya Junior & Senior High School

Marika Shimizu is an 8th grade student. Regardless of her youth, it is apparent to Marika that motivation is key to success. At a very young age, and armed with little more than a few words of English, Marika left her motherland Japan, for a life in Singapore. Regardless of the difficult challenges that she faced, Marika succeeded by never giving up. Equipped with the experience and knowledge that she acquired and integrated, Marika is now ready to take to the stage and explain how determination can indeed Make a Better World.
清水麻莉花さんは、中学2年生。幼少期のシンガポール生活を通して、「 モチベーションこそが成功への道」と認識する。いくつもの困難に直面しながら、彼女はそこで不屈の精神を養う。沢山の経験と知識を得て、TEDxOgikuboの舞台では「決断する事は、よりよい世界への入り口だ」と伝えてくれる。


A Sustainable Future For All 

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