TEDxOgikubo 2021 Speaker:Kuma Taichi

建築家 隈 太一
Kuma Taichi, Architect

Taichi Kuma is CEO of “Tailand”, a placemaking company, bridging the “soft” and “hard” matter of architecture by not only designing, but also managing and operating buildings. To maximise the potential of a place, simply providing a “box” is not enough. Taichi believes that “context” gives every building it’s own story, and that shared spaces can revitalise communities. Through a series of unique share houses in various locations around Tokyo, Taichi will explain the dynamics of revitalisation through shared spaces.
建物の可能性を最大にする事は、単に「箱」の提供だけなく、「文脈」があって初めて可能になる事であり、社会の活性化には、共有スペースこそが不可欠だ、と言っています。 東京各地にあるユニークなシェアハウスを通して、彼は共有スペースを通じた社会の活性化を説明します。


New Forms for Shared Living

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