TEDxOgikubo 2023 Speaker : Kaya Noguchi Paterson

東京コミュニティスクール(小学校4年生) パタソン加弥
Kaya Noguchi Paterson, Tokyo Community School 4G Student

Kaya Noguchi Paterson is a 4th grade student at a micro school in Tokyo. Kaya is proud to be a child, believing that childishness — often a disparaging term — is a superpower that we can all embrace. Through her talk at TEDx Ogikubo, Kaya aims to challenge outdated stereotypes of childishness, remind us of the curiosity, creativity, and imagination of children everywhere, and inspire us to consider how we all might nurture these qualities in ourselves if we are to create a brighter future. 


Staying childish for a brighter future

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